Top Message

MARUKA FURUSATO Corporation was newly established. We believe that we are now ready to make the most of the strengths that Maruka and Furusato Group have mainly in the sales of industrial machinery and equipment & tools, and provide “optimal value” to manufacturers not only in Japan but also in North America, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. In MARUKA FURUSATO Corporation, all businesses and members act under its mission “Open up “now” with impressive proposals. Lead customers beyond the changes”. To impress the customers, we have to exceed their expectations. We always try to go beyond the customers’ imagination. We always aim to be a company to deliver a series of proposals that make the customers’ say “Why didn’t we think of this?” one after another. In an era of rapid change, we will continue to accompany our clients beyond their change. To do so, we promise that we will never stop changing and will always be changing. If businesses around the world could change, the lives of people around the world would definitely be getting better. With this as our belief, we strive to continue to change to support the customers’ change, and accordingly, to surprise and impress them.

  • Kunihiko Iida
    Chairperson & Representative Director
  • Ryohei Furusato
    President & Representative Director