Shareholder Return

Dividend Policy

MARUKA FURUSATO Corporation prioritizes the return of profits to its shareholders according to its performance-based dividend policy. The Company strives to pay a stable dividend of at least 15 yen per share annually, with its basic dividend payout ratio of approximately 35% on a consolidated basis.

Stock Repurchase

The Company has not repurchased treasury stock.

Shareholder Benefit Program

For shareholders who hold 100 shares or more and who are recorded in the shareholder registry and the beneficial shareholder registry as of December 31 every year, the Company will send the following benefit once a year based on the following standard.
(1) Benefit items and standard
   100 shares or more but less than 500 shares・・・・・・Gourmet set worth 1,000 yen
   500 shares or more ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ Gourmet gift certificate worth 3,500 yen
(2) Timing of delivery
   Scheduled to be delivered in March every year