Brand/ Principle


STATEMENT Our Vow to the world

    Slogan One “Why didn’t we think of this?” after another.   Story Companies are now facing various challenges including, but not limited to, the depletion of energy resources and changes in consumption behaviors. The never-ending lack of labor production population inhibits or delays improvement of productivity. It is expected that various large changes are required in various fields considering the significantly rapid technical innovations like IoT, Robotics, Nano-technology, bio-technology, automatic operating technology, etc. Then, what should we change and how? Where do problems to be solved lie? What are the best solutions? To call for changes by modifying the traditional behaviors and habits would demand enormous amount of courage. However, “remaining as is” we will soon become “left behind”. Therefore, we partner with customers and provide options of solutions for their challenges. We are going to cultivate the sign of changes together with the customers. We would like to provide unique solutions for the customers. In order to convert such thoughts into firm actions, Furusato Industries and Maruka Corporation decided Management Integration becoming effective on October 1, 2021. This is a real challenge against changes to open up the new future but will position us for a new future. We will provide solutions that you would feel “Why didn’t we think of this?” one after another not only in the manufacturing world where we have been working for but also in any fields where people produce something. We will go into the “beyond-the-challenge” world with the power of people and unique ideas. This is the Vow of Maruka Furusato Corporation.  

MISSION Our Mission to fullfill

  Open up “now” with impressive proposals   We will try to hear “Why didn’t we think of this?” from the customers as much as possible with our wide variety of value chains. We think the core for this is “Unique ideas”. By identifying the root cause of issues, by understanding the customers’ business and by utilizing multiple resources, we will find out different unique solutions. We will work not only for improving “now” but also for expanding future possibilities. We will never be happier if we can exceed your expectations and build sincere relationships. We value our style of” Think beyond the change stage”. We share the burdens and risks rising throughout the processes with the customers and lead them step by step to steady improvements. We will surely be the best supporters for the customers and serve our functions with our objective viewpoints backed by wide information networks and with our specialties as professionals. Overcome together and share the happiness with the customers… We aim to become your best partner via deep sincerity.