Group Business Outline


In the midst of a major turning point in the business environment, we strive to provide solution options for drastic change required in various business field and to cultivate the sign of changes together with the customers. This is the business model that MARUKA FURUSATO Corporation pursues. We deliver the solution as an optimal value for our customers. We put that thought into our slogan;“Why didn’t we think of this?” one after another.

Portfolio Management

We implement portfolio management to increase overall sales and profits and realize stable growth by diversifying risks through development of multiple businesses with different business models and different degree of influence by the economy. MARUKA FURUSATO Corporation judges and implements effective allocation of management resources from the perspective of overall optimization, while considering growth potential of each business. In addition, we need to diverse our product and sevice linep to provide the optimal value to our customers in each business. Platform strategy is the idea to respond to a wide range of customers’ needs by diversifying the product and service lineup through alliances with companies carrying various business models and functions on a single foundation (platform). Currently, we built up a portfolio based on four main business pillars, Machinery & Tools, Construction Products, Construction Machinery and Security. In addition, we are establishing a platform on each business.

MARUKA FURUSATO Corporation Business Structure

Business Structure of MARUKA FURUSATO Corporation consists of four businesses. The holding company aims to improve our corporate value by controlling the strategy from an overall perspective and by establishing a system that allows each operating company to focus on execution.

Machinery & Tools Business
We offer a wide range of industrial machinery, equipment and tools for domestic and overseas manufacturing markets. We support changes in the manufacturing sites by enhancing our platform to propose, design, and build automated production lines for labor-saving and improving efficiency, and to support smart factories that make full use of AI, sensing, cloud computing, and other technologies. Maruka and G-net lead this business through alliance with other group companies and functions.

Construction Products Business
Focusing on the steel frame construction and plant piping markets, we procure all the materials requested by customers through manufacturing, purchasing, and importing, and provide them with convenience. As for Full-Brace, our main in-house product, we are proud of our high market share by maintaining a system to quickly deliver safe and reliable products manufactured at nine factories nationwide.

Construction Machinery Business
We sell and rent construction machinery to the construction and port industries. The rental business includes the rental of construction machinery itself, as well as contracting services sending operators to operate construction machinery. We are also in the business of exporting Japanese-made machinery, which is in high demand overseas.

IoT Solution Business
We realize the construction of a security environment with the latest information and products, including the introduction of systems for security monitoring and access control, equipment sales, and the provision of cloud-based physical security services. In addition, we are involved in the construction of automated production lines in manufacturing sites using monitoring and networking technologies.